A male urinal designed with convenience in mind.

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Many wheelchair users, men who are incontinent and others may have problems urinating in places where there are no special facilities. Standard products that are used to collect and transport urine, such as hospital bottles, are often bulky and conspicuous.

The UriBag® is a convenient solution. Its compact storage tube, efficient shape and Latex construction are superior to any existing product. In every detail, the UriBag® is an improvement for the user. Light, but durable, the UriBag's snap-lock seal does not leak. It is easily stored and can be used discreetly, sealed, then emptied and washed later.

  • It is even more convenient than adapted urinals. The UriBag® can be carried in a pocket until needed.
  • For incontinent men who do not wear catheters, the UriBag® is available whenever they need to urinate. It requires only minimal privacy.
  • For boys and men who are traveling or camping, the UriBag® is a practical solution. Applications for the UriBag® are not limited to medical patients.

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